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Valenzuela, Paliwas

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  • Gas station - 861m
    Phoenix Gas Station
    J. P. Rizal Obando
  • Parking - 62m
    Polo Church Parking Area
    M.H. Del Pilar

Religious Centres

  • Place of Worship - 106m
    Polo Church (christian - roman_catholic)
    M. H. Del Pilar Valenzuela
  • Place of Worship - 213m
    Ang Dating Daan - Polo
    M.H. Del Pilar
  • Place of Worship - 211m
    Ang Dating Daan Polo
    M.H. Del Pilar


  • School - 77m
    St Stephen Ecumenical School
    M.H. Del Pilar Street, 15 1444 Valenzuela
    Phone: +63 2 445 1219
    Offerings: Nursery, Kinder, Preparatory, Gradeschool
  • School - 203m
    Pio Valenzuela Elementary School
    M.H. del Pilar Street Valenzuela


  • Convenience shop - 37m
    Shop More
    M. H. Del Pilar 1444 Valenzuela
  • Convenience shop - 80m
    Polo Town Grocery
    M.H. Del Pilar
  • Convenience shop - 106m
    Julwins Hardware
    Kabisang Imo Valenzuela
  • Bakery - 43m
    Cuevas Bakery
    M.H. Del Pilar
  • Bakery - 92m
    Bona Bakery
    M.H. Del Pilar
  • Hairdresser - 765m
    Jojo's Barber Shop
    M. H. Del Pilar 1444 Valenzuela
  • outdoor shop - 41m
    M.H. del Pilar Street
  • pawnbroker - 121m
    Cebuana L Hullier
  • pawnbroker - 154m
    CVC Pawnshop
    M.H. Del Pilar
  • funeral directors - 188m
    Kalahi Funeral Home
    Virgin Island
  • Jewelry - 341m
    M Lhuillier
    M. H. Del Pilar 1444 Valenzuela
  • Supermarket - 135m
    Ever Supermarket
    M.H. Del Pilar

Recreation and Sports

  • Basketball - 715m
    Nuestra Señora Basketball Court
  • Multi-Sport - 54m
    Polo Covered Court
    A. Sebastian

Eating and Drinking

  • Restaurant - 464m
    La Sam's Diner
    G. Lozada
  • Fast food - 60m
    Dunkin' Donuts
    M. H. Del Pilar Valenzuela
  • Fast food - 82m
    Baliwag Lechon
    M.H. Del Pilar
  • Fast food - 103m
    La Sam's Diner (Polo Branch)
    M.H. Del Pilar
  • Cafe - 1275m
    Pixels Hobby Cafe
    M. H. Del Pilar 1444 Valenzuela
  • food court - 578m
    Shekainah Korean Food Haus
    Little Pampanga


  • Pharmacy - 73m
    Mercury Drug
    M. H. Del Pilar Valenzuela
  • Pharmacy - 147m
    M.H. Del Pilar
  • Pharmacy - 143m
    A. Sebastian
  • Clinic - 64m
    Health Center
    M.H. Del Pilar

Public Services

  • Townhall - 47m
    Valenzuela City Hall Annex
    A. Sebastian
  • Townhall - 391m
    Isla Barangay Hall
    Isla Road Valenzuela
  • Townhall - 219m
    Polo Barangay Hall
    A. Sebastian Valenzuela
  • Townhall - 145m
    Pariancillo Villa Barangay Hall
    Gen. Velilla Valenzuela
  • Fire Station - 49m
    Polo Fire Station
    M.H. Del Pilar
  • Police - 51m
    Pcp- 5
    M. H. Del Pilar 1444 Valenzuela
  • childcare - 404m
    Pulo Day Care
    G. Feliciano
  • Post Office - 765m
    Staffhouse (ust)


  • Touristic Viewpoint - 371m
    M. H. Del Pilar
  • apartment - 916m
    Ventura's Place
    J.P. Rizal Street
  • Museum - 212m
    Birth Place of Dr. Pio Valenzuela
    Dr. Pio Valenzuela Valenzuela


  • Marketplace - 201m
    Polo Public Market
    A. Sebastian

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